Just Another Day In Indonesia…

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It’s HUB day so I’m in Malang, cramming my head full of information and getting loads of shots. I don’t have much that’s super exciting to share, but here’s the highlights from the last few days:

–       I’m now halfway through my 6 weeks of Bahasa Indonesia language class. I’m FAAAR from fluent but it’s pretty amazing to think about how much we’ve covered in such a short amount of time. The amount of words I learn every day should explain why I’m so exhausted all the time!

–       I’ve eaten more fried food and tempeh/tofu in the last three weeks than in all the years of my life combined…and there’s much, much more of this to come.

–       I’ve been telling my ibu (host mom) that I want to learn to cook and I finally got in the kitchen and got to help fry tempeh and dadar jugung (fried…

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