Just Another Day In Indonesia…

Week 7: A Potpourri of Accomplishments

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I apologize, friends and family, I’m in a blogging rut. I’ve started writing so many inspired blog posts…in my head, while I am away from my computer, and then by the time I sit down with my Mac, I’m fresh out of words. Life has been busy. I just got back from a wonderful site visit (more on this later), I find out my permanent site placement within hours, I’m at the end of Week 7 of training, and things are just picking up speed.

Here’s a little list of the accomplishments I’ve made so far:

–       I can hold my own in a conversation in bahasa Indonesia with strangers and family alike. Yesterday I was on the bus and talked to a woman for about 20 minutes, all in bahasa Indonesia. That’s impressive for only six weeks of language training!

–       Remember that “being beautiful in Indonesia” blog post from a while back? Well since then I’ve been practicing when to ignore, when to deflect, when to respond, and how to respond to the attention that I get. I’m getting much better at it! In addition, I’m something of a novelty and the novelty is wearing off a bit after (nearly) two months. The kepala desa doesn’t yell my name anymore, and I don’t have as many strangers coming to my house to visit me and tell me I’m beautiful. Plus, I shut down the potential boyfriend my family was trying to set me up with. Still single and happy about it! J

–       I continue to (gently) push my way into the kitchen and I’ve been practicing making different foods, drinks, snacks, etc. I also bought popcorn and coffee as my comfort foods.

–       I’ve read 5 books since I’ve been in Batu. How have I had time during PST, I don’t know. I think I’ve been reading to avoid studying or working on portfolio, and to decompress because we’ve been so busy! I’m also tracking all the books I’ve read this year, and I’m up to 20. I’m pretty sure I’m going to read more in Indonesia than I ever have before (and if you know me, you know that’s saying something). I’ve been loading up my kindle with books, just getting ready for the big move out to site!

–       I’ve had my first Indonesian birthday. It was really a great day. My language group surprised me with pizza and we followed that up with a trip to Pizza Hut the weekend after my birthday. It’s amazing how good sub-par pizza can taste when you haven’t had anything with cheese in months. I got so many texts from other PCVs and staff, and I got to skype with my family in the morning. Thanks to everyone who remembered and helped celebrate with me in one way or another! I appreciate you all!

–       I went to my first Indonesian soccer game. It was a blast, minus the incredibly hot bus ride on the way there and the incredibly slow bus ride on the way back. It’s safe to say the bus ride there was the hottest I have ever been in my life. I hope to never, ever repeat that. I did, however, get to take lots of photos and I posted those on facebook so check ‘em out!

That’s enough for now! Coming soon…a blog about my super-fun site visit and (drum roll please…) the announcement of my permanent site!!! Countin’ down the hours…


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