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This is a long-overdue post about my site visit an ID5 PCV living in Madiun but I didn’t want to just skip it because it was one of the highlights of PST for me. In Week 7 all of us Trainees packed up our overnight bags and got on various angkots (basically a mini bus that is the size of a minivan…but without the seats…see my facebook for photos), buses, and travels (like a private bus) and headed out to visit current volunteers who have been living in Indonesia for a year now. (Sidenote: our groups are labeled with our country label “ID” and the number of the group. My group is ID6 because we are the sixth group of PCVs to be in Indonesia, but that number is a little confusing because ID1, ID2, and ID3 were here in the 60’s. So we are the third consecutive group to…

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