Just Another Day In Indonesia…

Blog Makeover!

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Check check check it out, the new and updated blog style. My header photo is an actual panaroma from a series of photographs I took on a recent hike with my students, so this is what my part of East Java looks like. Gorgeous, isn’t it? And my new title “just another day in indonesia” is not meant to be negative or dull. On the other hand, it refers to the fact that I find myself having crazy/weird/unique/unexpected/ironic experiences just about every day here. Things that woud seem so strange at home are commonplace here…so when things get really weird I tell myself, “It’s just another day in Indonesia.” 🙂 


Author: Sarah

I'm Sarah and I like many things starting with the letter "S," including (but not limited to) Seattle, springtime, summer, sunshine, swimming, sunrises, surprises, and sociology. For anything else you want to know, you will have to read my blog!

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