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Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween, a few days late! I know it’s been forever since I blogged. I’ve been busy as a bee and I will update y’all soon, but until then, enjoy these pictures of my students celebrating Halloween during the Halloween party we had in class on Oct 31st. 🙂


Students preparing their masks. Since students wear uniforms to school, my counterpart and I decided masks would be more simple and manageable, rather than asking students to dress in costumes.


The agenda for the day…with my handmade decorations hanging in the background. Every little ghost, cat, and pumpkin had a sentence written on it to be used during a later activity. Yeah…it was a lot of work…but I got to watch New Girl at the same time so it wasn’t so bad.


My counterpart, Bu Yuli.


These aren’t actually masks but these stealthy ninjas came up with their costumes on the spot (that’s the PE uniform you see there) so they get points for creativity.



Get your game face on.





The runner up for the winner of the Best Mask contest.


And this is the winner! (the middle one) This is an Indonesian ghost, actually, that apparently lives in this student’s village.


And this just plain creepy.


My counterpart and me. I am a lioness, she is a witch.

The whole class. They can be a little rowdy at times, but they’re a lot of fun!


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4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. you’ve got some really creative students! bravo on the prepping, lady!

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  3. Good post. I will be facing some of these
    issues as well..

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