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As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been teaching a crazy fun bunch of elementary school kids on Fridays. A fews ago I had the brilliant idea to photograph them during les (“les” basically means “extra lessons” and it’s what people call any learning outside of school…my les is not traditional in any sense, it’s mostly games and songs and it’s a blast) so you can all see their bright shining faces. And as I said before, my high school students really do the bulk of the work. I prep the activities, prep the high school students, and off they go. The theme for this les was “Animals” and each high school student helped with a different station. The kids were grouped by age and rotated throughout all the stations in one hour. We had…

1. A coloring station where kids drew a picture of their favorite animal and wrote “My name is _________. My favorite animal is __________.” (My example was “My name is Sarah. My favorite animal is a cat.” Notice how many cats you see in the following pictures…) Technically I was manning this station but I mostly let the kids do their thing sendiri (alone).

2. A game called “Flyswatter.” There were two teams (usually boys and girls). Defi, one of my lovely high school students, would say the name of an animal and the first kid in each team had to hit the picture of that animal. The first correct one got a point. The kids had a BLAST with this.

3. Animal Memory Cards (also known as Concentration…one of my favorite games as a kid). Deva led this activity. There were many different cards of different animals but each had the pair. The kids had to concentrate to remember the pairs and then make the animal noise.

4. Old MacDonald Had a Farm with Sima, who has been my fearless leader for les. He’s a natural with the kids and he’s been the most consistant helper since week one. The kids absolutely adore him and I couldn’t do this without him!

5. Duck, Duck, Goose with Joko. The kids may or may not have understood the concept of running around in a circle but it was fun nonetheless. 🙂

And for the rest…I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.










This is when I became brilliant and took their pictures with their drawings…so helpful for learning names!





This blurry, unedited photo captures the pure energy and joy of 5th grade boys (possibly my new favorite groups of kids).



…pink? 🙂




The whole crowd.


Love these faces. 🙂


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