Just Another Day In Indonesia…

Pantai Parangritis: Through the Lens


Post-December travels I came back to site, only to be informed that the following week the teachers would be attending a “workshop” in Jogjakarta, Central Java. Not sure where the “work” part came in but it was a blast to spend time with the teachers and their families. Our first stop after an all-night bus ride was Parangritis Beach in its misty, sleepy, early-morning glory.



From the top: My first view of Parangritis, horses available for horseback riding along the beach (something I wish I had done but was a little scared to do), my counterpart’s kids racing down the beach, the other side of the beach where a wave nearly killed my camera, walking through the waves, my CP’s son, my CP’s daughter.


Author: Sarah

I'm Sarah and I like many things starting with the letter "S," including (but not limited to) Seattle, springtime, summer, sunshine, swimming, sunrises, surprises, and sociology. For anything else you want to know, you will have to read my blog!

3 thoughts on “Pantai Parangritis: Through the Lens

  1. That horse pic is beautiful!!!

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  3. beautiful pict… i like this.

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