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Idul Fitri: Through the Lens

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Finally, after several days of trying and failing, I have good enough internet to post my Idul Fitri photos! I took these when I went with my family to the Idul Fitri morning prayer service at the neighborhood mosque.


The girls and women at the mosque getting ready for the special Idul Fitri service


Bags of food to give to the poor


Everyone from the neighborhood came for the most important holiday of the year!


Happy children in bright, shiny (new?) clothes


This little girl who looks like a cross between a pumpkin and a ghost (Halloween, anyone?) loves to yell, “MISS SARAH!” every time she sees me


Neighborhood boys messing around like usual and trying to hang off the flag


My shy little neighbor girl


Oops, looking the wrong way


What an awesome Strawberry Shortcake jilbab. If I had been a Muslim child I would have LOVED that.


I’m sure for this little boy it was much more interesting to watch me than watch everyone praying 🙂




This one is as mischievous as he looks.


Time to shake hands and go home

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