Just Another Day In Indonesia…

PST In Numbers

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73 : Days in Pre Service Training

77 : Days since I left home (counting my travel day and staging in D.C.)

8 (I think?) : HUB Days

2027 : Pictures I’ve taken

9 : Times I’ve taught (practicum schools and model schools)

9 : Books I’ve finished reading since boarding the plane (still working on 10, 11, and 12)

: Number of words for rice I have learned in either Bahasa Indonesia or Javanese

40 (approx.) : Family members (of my current host family) I’ve met

1,194 : Number of books loaded onto my Kindle (gettin’ ready for Ramadan- Read-A-Thon!)

: Number of physical books I borrowed from the Peace Corps library (ok, ok, so I’m a book hoarder. But I read them fast and I give them back or pass them on!)

5 : Items of clothing I’ve had tailor-made

190 (approx.) : Number of times I’ve eaten rice (3 times a day every day)

11 : The most hours I slept in one day while in Batu (and yet I’m still tired?)

4 : AM – the earliest I got up on any given day

7 : PM – the earliest I went to bed on any given day

1 : Birthday I’ve had in a country outside the states

9 : Number of weeks it took my youngest host brother to warm up to me (now he is basically attached to me)

3 : Number of hours I played foursquare yesterday

12 : cards/packages I’ve received from friends and family back home (you guys are seriously the best and it makes my day every time. Terima kasih – thank you!)

2.5 : Months complete, 24 to go!


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